About Simomics.

Based in York since 2014, Simomics is an ethics-led software technology SME, driven by a strong mission and purpose to promote corporate environmental responsibility, and the replacement, reduction, and refinement of the use of animals for scientific purposes through in-silico modelling.

We develop technologies to explore, communicate and maximise the value from computer based (in-silico) models to accelerate and de-risk R&D and support key environmental protection initiatives.

Combining world leading expertise in life science, software engineering and data science, we work with global clients and partners in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, personal care and environmental industries.

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Citations have been made from our academic founders’ publications in the fields of computation & immunology.

Meet the Team.

We are a team of expert software engineers, mathematicians, data scientists and biologists.

Angus Jackson OBE


Angus is a business leader with experience gained across a range of industries. He has worked in both the public and private sectors, in the UK and internationally. Angus leads our commercial activities and is responsible for growing the company.

Prof Mark Coles


Mark is an immunologist and an expert in computational immunology with a focus on development of therapeutics for cancer and inflammatory disease. He is Kennedy Professor of Immunology at University of Oxford, Senior Research Fellow and Director of Graduate Studies at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology and Official Fellow and Theme Lead for Cellular Life at Reuben College, at the University of Oxford.

Prof Jon Timmis


Jon is an Engineer with over 20 years’ experience of computational modelling, software design and interdisciplinary working. He is a former Royal Society-Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder and a former Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow. Jon is now Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sunderland.

Prof Vipin Kumar


Vipin is an immunologist and an expert in immune regulation mediated by regulatory T-cells and NKT-cells in the control of autoimmunity and inflammation. Vipin is also Co-founder of GRI a company developing NKT cell-based therapies. Vipin is based at UCSD, in San Diego, USA.

Grainne Timmis


Grainne has a science and business background with over 20 years’ experience working in IT consultancy and agile software development.

Toby Jackson


Toby is a Venture Capitalist with experience in advanced engineering technologies.

Dr Adam Nellis


Adam is a computer scientist and mathematician with experience developing and testing software systems. Adam works across a range of Simomics projects, and is leading the technical development on the PREMIER project (Prioritisation and Risk Evaluation of Medicines in the EnviRonment).

Dr Becky Naylor


Becky is a Software Engineer with a background in Computer Science and Machine Learning. Becky develops core Simomics technologies for the Reason and Evidence platforms. She works on custom Virtual Laboratories, particularly in the Environmental and Ecosystem Services sector in collaboration with the University of York.

Jacob Busfield


Jacob is an Engineer with wide-ranging, full-stack development expertise from security engineering to bio-inspired computation. Jacob develops across our products promoting cutting-edge technologies and material designs.

Eleanor Porrill


Eleanor has over 6 years’ experience as a business analyst, agile product owner and solution architect in financial services and pharmaceutical compliance technology.

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