Simomics Inform

Transparently demonstrate the relative risk from measured concentrations of chemicals in the environment

Simomics Inform provides internal or public facing transparency on the relative risk for measured environmental concentrations (MECs) of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and chemicals found in the environment, visualising their relative environmental risk on an interactive map and dashboard with company specific branding.

Client Case Study

AstraZeneca use Simomics Inform to demonstrate EcoPharmacoVigilance transparency on AstraZeneca undertake a quarterly search of scientific literature for reports of detection of environmental residues of their active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in order to understand real world environmental risks. Simomics Inform presents these measured concentrations in a risk relationship relative to the Predicted No Effect Concentrations (PNECs) used for environmental assessment.

Features & Benefits

EPV Risk Visualisation​

Simomics Inform visualises geolocation measured environmental concentration (MEC) data, with semi-probabilistic risk analysis using MEC and predicted no effect concentration (PNEC) on an interactive map and dashboard with company specific branding.

Interactive and Engaging​

The substance, PNEC, risk and MEC information displayed, which can be embedded into the tool for easy deployment on a website, can be filtered by substance, protection goal, environmental compartment or location and ‘no detect’ records can be included or excluded.

Transparent Data Sources

Citation information for the original scientific literature can be found for each MEC data point reflected on the map, by selecting a point of interest. If you already have gathered information to display, or would like to engage Simomics to facilitate the data gathering, this can be accommodated within Simomics Inform.

Accessible and Responsive

The dashboard has a responsive design, making it mobile and tablet friendly. All functionality is supported by the latest web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).

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