The SimOmics Team

Prof Jon Timmis, CEO and co-founder:

Jon is an Engineer with extensive experience of computational modelling, software design and interdisciplinary working. He is a former Royal Society-Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder and a former Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow and is now a member of the Enterprise Hub.

Dr Mark Coles, CSO, co-founder:

Mark is an Immunologist with extensive understanding how lymphoid tissues (lymph nodes, spleen, gut associated lymphoid tissue and thymus) develop and function with a focus on the role of stromal cells in immune responses.

Dr Paul Andrews, CTO:

Paul is a computer scientist and systems engineer. Paul has over ten years experience working within interdisciplinary teams to model and simulate immune system function. Paul leads all technical development in SimOmics.

Dr Ed Clark, Analyst:

Ed is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in theoretical physics, electronics, computer science and immunology. Ed's experience is in the area of analysing, appraising and evidencing existing mathematical and computational models of pathogens interacting with the host immune system.

Grainne Timmis, Project Manager and Company Secretary:

Grainne has over 10 years experience of IT consultancy working in the finance industry and extensive experience of agile software development.

Dr Becky Naylor, Software Engineer:

Becky is an Engineer with a background in Electronics and Computer Science. Becky works on the underlying technologies for the Evidence tools and also in the application of our technologies in the Environmental sector and Ecosystem Services in collaboration with the University of York.

Dr Adam Nellis, Software Engineer:

Adam is a computer scientist with experience developing and testing software systems. Adam's main focus is on the technical development of the Virtual Fish Eco-Toxicology Laboratory in collaboration with AZ and The University of York.

Dr Andy Turner, Software Engineer:

Andy is an Electronic Engineer and Computer Scientist with a research background in Machine Learning. Andy’s main roles are developing new prototype products as well as providing infrastructure for software development, including continuous integration, testing and deployment.

Andrew Perry, Junior Systems Engineer:

Andrew is an Electronic Engineer with experience of developing and testing High Performance Compute software. Andrew's main responsibilities are to streamline development processes, developing testing strategies and full stack software development.

Additional board members

Prof Vipin Kumar, Non-exec Director and co-founder:

Vipin is an immunologist and an expert in immune regulation mediated by regulatory T-cells and NKT-cells in the control of autoimmunity and inflamation. Vipin is also co-founder of GRI a company developing NKT cell-based therapies. Vipin is based at UCSD, in San Diego, USA.