Virtual Labs

Explore and utilise data and in-silico models to inform and accelerate your decision making in a bespoke cloud based virtual laboratory.

Accelerate and de-risk your R&D activities, EcoPharmacoVigilance and environmental protection initiatives, within a Simomics virtual laboratory.

Simomics can help your teams to utilise in-silico models, with a bespoke virtual laboratory built with industry proven Simomics technology and expertise.

Take inspiration from some of our case studies (like the VFETL EPV virtual lab below) and contact us to learn more and discuss your requirements.
VFETL EPV Risk Visualisation

Case Study - Virtual Fish Eco-toxicology Laboratory (VFETL)

Funded by Innovate UK and developed in partnership with AstraZeneca and the University of York, this virtual laboratory provides a platform to explore the eco-toxicological effects of legacy and new drugs.

A suite of mathematical models have been integrated to reduce the need for unnecessary in vitro fish trials for new drugs and enable scientists to cost effectively prioritise legacy drugs for environmental impact assessments. Read more in the University of York press release here.

Following the success of our VEFTL Virtual Laboratory, Simomics will be developing the Digital Assessment System at the heart of the PREMIER platform to assess the potential impact of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in the environment.

VFETL Virtual Lab Model Visualisation

Data Analysis and Visualisation

VFETL provides sophisticated data analysis and visualisation for eco-toxicology data and a suite of mathematical models.

VFETL Virtual Lab Data Provenance


VFETL provides transparent and auditable calculations, tracking data provenance to display where each data point originated from and how it was calculated.

VFETL Automated Decision Making Transparency

Decision Support

VFETL supports complex data based decision making based on embedded rules, with auto-generated argumentation diagrams to visualise and explain the path taken in a way that is transparent to users or regulators.

VFETL EPV Risk Visualisation

EPV Risk Visualisation

VFETL (and our separate EPV dashboard solution) visualise geolocation measured environmental concentration (MEC) data, with semi-probabilistic risk analysis using MEC and predicted no effect concentration (PNEC) to display the relative risk of substances in the environment.

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